Syra – Cloud based ETL Tool


syra -etl tool for big data
Big Data needs some help, especially in its ability to process enormous data volumes, ensure data quality and monitor data. Big Hadoop, NoSQL databases and other open-source analytical tools are not fully capable of performing ad-hoc joins, aggregating data and supporting complex query patterns that is required in a real world business scenarios. Also extensive coding requirements by qualified resources inhibit the adoption of such tools in enterprises.

Enter Syra – industry’s first ETL tool for Big Data, built ground up.

syra-ingest Syra makes it easy to set up data ingestion pipelines. Supports local file system, HDFS & Apache Hive.  syra-migrate-big-data Syra enables easy drag and drop functionality for migrating data to Amazon Redshift.
syra-validate-big-data Syra offers out-of-the-box validation rules and ability to develop custom rules  for any data sets. syra-transform-big-data Syra performs complex data transformations  with a click of a button.


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