Safera – Safe Era for Businesses & Communities


Safera - Safe Era for Businesses & Communities

Combat Crime Better at Lower Cost Using Crime Analysis & Predictions

The human and financial cost of undetected and un-prevented risk is higher than that of detecting and preventing it. Yet as a public safety department, police station or law enforcement agency, you’re under constant pressure to do more with less. By using predictive analytics on big data, you can understand the various factors behind crime and develop comprehensive strategies for countering it. With understanding comes proactivity, which enables you to combat crime with the lowest impact.

That’s why Third Eye developed Safera, the Crime Analysis & Predictions System that businesses and law enforcement agencies can rely on to detect, analyze and predict crime, fraud, or suspicious activity before it happens. Law enforcement agencies and enterprises across the U.S. are already employing data-based predictive policing to work more proactively with limited resources.

Secure System Architecture for Predictive Policing and Risk Management

Safera is based on Microsoft’s Big Data technologies – both cloud and on-premise. It is built on the robust Azure platform that can scale vertically and horizontally. Safera is customizable and extensible to meet the needs of specific use cases. This makes it future-proof since lessons learned, patterns detected, and observations made for one city can be used and extended for other cities worldwide. The backend infrastructure will also adjust accordingly.

Safera was originally developed for Microsoft Public Safety & National Security Team with the help of subject matter experts on crime data, so it incorporates the practical considerations and needs of its end users. For example, as law enforcement agencies and enterprises are not comfortable with having all data in the cloud but realize the cloud’s advantages, Safera’s hybrid model enables all data to remain on-premise but to migrate effortlessly, on a needs basis, to a private or public cloud.

Comprehensive Crime Analytics and Predictions to Improve Public Safety

Safera’s analytical capabilities encompass real-time streaming and static data. It is capable of handling big data’s velocity, volume and veracity. Integrating, assembling and developing customized end-to-end solutions is easy using Safera. Through it, law enforcement and public safety agencies can mine data to get holistic and in-depth views into the underlying causes and patterns of crime or fraud in a given area.

Safera collects data from various data sources – static data (crime data from OpenData sites and US census data) and real-time data (weather, traffic and social media data). Then, Safera leverages Windows Azure based technologies for back-end processing & PowerBI components like PowerQ&A, PowerView and PowerMap for visualizations to display results and analytics on user-friendly dashboards. Safera can be enhanced to include video data, image data, and police systems data.

How Safera Supports Crime Predictions and Prevention

Safera uses an initial data set which typically incorporates crime prediction factors – such as time period, weather, traffic events, unemployment rate, or crime type – in order to construct an initial prediction model. If any of the fields change value, then the model is retrained. Some fields change infrequently while others change daily (such as weather and traffic events). The model is continuously updated/ upgraded with new data. The system periodically pulls in the latest fields (automatically) from appropriate sources. Then the model runs against the new data to predict what kind of crime is likely to occur in each precinct.

There are two ways in which police departments can use Safera. The system predicts the probability of crime happening at particular locations based on historical data, census data, any new traffic or weather events. Departments can also run the system once a day, and based on the predictions, decide how to deploy resources in each precinct. For example, thanks to instantaneous information on-site and according to the type of need, Safera can accelerate deployment of police, firefighting, and emergency services.

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