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Stay in the Race by Adopting Internet of Things (IoT) Technologies

The world is at the dawn of a new revolution: The Internet of Things (IoT).
IoT is triggering business model transformation, by connecting objects to sensor, computing, cloud and data analysis technologies across industries. What used to be guessed can now be predicted via machine learning based on real-time tracking and analytics, for millions of objects simultaneously, anywhere across time.

IoT’s impact across industries will be transformational, and you can be among those who lead the transformation. The first step is to find the IoT solution that drives value for your enterprise – one that can improve efficiency, cut cost, optimize performance, engage customers and generate revenue. That’s exactly what Third Eye’s IoT solution Eyera can do for you.

Complete IoT Solution Customizable to Any Business Use Case

Any enterprise that handles real-time streaming data can use Eyera – from fraud detection & predictions for the online retail sector, predictive maintenance & fleet analytics for the transport sector, to scenarios in various sectors. For example, Eyera allows you to fix equipment before it breaks, predict holdups in your supply chain, and detect fraud before it happens.

Eyera is a packaged IoT solution that’s currently built on Microsoft Azure, one of today’s most complete IoT platforms. Eyera extends the services available on the Azure stack to deliver solutions that provide scale, security, and reliability. Since IoT is a new industry with emerging technologies, Eyera – unlike classic software products – is a set of products picked from many sources.

Third Eye can seamlessly stitch elements together on any cloud platform (for instance, morphing Eyera to work on Google Cloud) to create customized best-of-breed solutions that make IoT happen for you. We have the technical expertise to solve any business use case.

A Quick and Easy Way to Realize IoT Benefits for Your Business

Eyera makes it quick and easy to implement IoT solutions. Eyera can see (and tell) value from real-time streaming data. It involves secure, bidirectional communication between devices and a cloud-based back end that uses automated analytics to deliver insights about mission-critical business imperatives.

Eyera embodies all functionalities of a typical IoT application:

  • Data ingestion – of data arriving in real-time, batch and burst modes
  • Data cleansing – a must-do before data is ready to be analyzed
  • Data transformations – as required in various use cases
  • Data pipelines – ensuring data flows seamlessly between systems
  • Analytics – developing analytical queries suited for every kind of data
  • Predictions – setting up models using available data sets to enable predictions and forecasts
  • Visualizations – developing dashboards to gain insights, identify what’s working and plan next steps

When you choose Eyera, you get 80% of the work pre-built and need only to customize it to your use cases, requirements and data sets. The result: reliable IoT solutions developed faster at lower cost.

To explain Eyera’s game-changing IoT opportunities, below are two sample use cases.

Eyera – for Connected Cars

Connected cars have Internet access and a wireless local area network – they will also connect to a cloud-based system that displays data to drivers. Besides being smarter, connected cars are safer. Their market is growing – 75% of cars shipped globally by 2020 will have hardware to connect to the Internet.

Through embedded connections, car companies collect data on car performance, send updates and patches to cars remotely, and avoid recalls related to the car’s software. Eyera for Connected Cars leverages Apache Spark based technologies to harness big data from car sensors, car registration, weather and traffic. With real-time data in motion combined with data at rest, car dealers, insurance carriers and manufacturers can make better decisions to provide best in class products & services:

  • Deploy Microsoft Azure services to diagnose, understand, and predict which behaviors are most relevant for their products, services and customers
  • Track on board diagnostics (OBDII data) in real-time and analyze them along with other data sets
  • Use analytics on Power BI dashboard to gain real time predictive insights on driving patterns, usage behavior and vehicle health
  • Improve car owners’ experience through proactive safety and service monitoring
  • Lower cost of operating vehicles through insights on fuel-efficient driving behaviors

Eyera – for Fleet Analytics

Eyera’s IoT Truck Sensor Data App for fleet analytics deploys the capabilities of Microsoft Azure Services to detect, process and analyze real-time truck schema:

  1. Unique Truck ID and Sensor ID inside truck
  2. Latitude and longitude of truck’s current geolocation
  3. Temperature and levels of oxygen, moisture, ethylene, and carbon dioxide, as well as air pressure inside the truck’s container

This App is developed using Microsoft Azure’s:

  1. Azure Web App – user interface to control data feeding and visualization of truck sensor events
  2. Azure Worker Role – continuously running Cloud Service that ingests simulated sensor events
  3. Azure Service Bus Event Hub – event and telemetry ingress to Azure Stream Analytics
  4. Azure Stream Analytics – event data real-time analytics and securing storage for future analytics

The combination of Azure Event Hub, Azure Stream Analytics and Azure Machine Learning can be used in every scenario where millions of events need to be ingested, processed and analyzed to make better fleet management decisions. Use IoT Truck Sensor Data App to maximize fleet usage, reduce fuel consumption, redefine itinerary productivity in real-time based on traffic or weather conditions, and give customers real-time visibility on truck contents.

Talk to us about how to develop IoT solutions for your business.

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