Eyera mentioned in Microsoft’s US Partner Community blog

We at Third Eye are very happy to see that Third Eye’s Out-of-the-Box IoT solution, Eyera was mentioned in Microsoft’s US Partner Community blog: Partners plan for the future at our Cloud Ready workshop – Microsoft US Partner Community blog One of the habits of successful Microsoft partners that we encourage partners to establish during the

Pricing of Google Cloud Computing Services – It’s Different!

Google has done the smart thing – it has taken away all the uneasiness and awkwardness generally felt while discussing pricing, be it with a new client or with an established one. There is no “let-me-discuss-this-with-my-boss-and-get-back-to-you” kind of gimmicks when the client expects discounts or the “I-simply-cannot-afford-to-give-you-more-discounts” exasperation when your back is against the wall! The way Google

Connected Cars: Driving Us to a Better Us – Dj Das Presenting

The In-Memory Computing Summit 2015 is the first and only industry-wide event of its kind, tailored to in-memory computing-related technologies and solutions. It is the perfect opportunity to reach technical IT decision makers as well as IT implementers and developers who make or influence purchasing decisions in the areas of in-memory computing, Fast Data, IoT

Driving Humankind Towards Greener Pastures – Dj Das Speaks

This meetup is being held in partnership with the EcoGreen Group of Silicon Valley. ————————————————————————–The advent of motor vehicles ushered in a new wave of productivity for humankind. It created economics of scale never or known seen before. Unfortunately, it also silently started to hurt the very environment that we live in. Increasing carbon emissions

Comparative Analysis of Big Data Analytical Tools – Hive, Tez, Impala, SparkSQL & PrestoDB running on the Google Cloud

Big Data analytics is the answer for businesses to glean insights from data to take timely actions. Businesses now have a plethora of technologies at their disposal to perform such Big Data analytics. This live webinar performs a comparative analysis of the various Big Data analytical tools available today. All the tools would be running

Michael Stonebraker wins the A.M. Turing Prize!

We, at Third Eye are thrilled that Michael Stonebraker has been awarded the A.M. Turing Prize, computer science’s highest award. You can see the detailed article about it on the Fortune – Michael Stonebraker, serial database genius, brings home Turing Award. Michael gracefully replied to our congratulatory email and wished us well. I have know Michael

How to Debug Map-Reduce Code

It All Starts with HDFS Everything in Hadoop cluster is based on the HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System). Quite often HDFS problems will manifest themselves in various components of Hadoop framework.  This might show up as an intermittent failure, permission issue, failure to write, or failure to retrieve data blocks, etc.  Sometimes the root cause
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