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Inside Google’s Cloud Platform – A report by Deutsche Bank

This report has an in-depth investigation by Deutsche Bank about the Google Cloud Platform and how it compares against the more established competitors, Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. Third Eye participated in the due diligence process and is mentioned in the report. Deutsche Bank states: We estimate GCP is at a $400m revenue run-rate, likely

Pricing of Google Cloud Computing Services – It’s Different!

Google has done the smart thing – it has taken away all the uneasiness and awkwardness generally felt while discussing pricing, be it with a new client or with an established one. There is no “let-me-discuss-this-with-my-boss-and-get-back-to-you” kind of gimmicks when the client expects discounts or the “I-simply-cannot-afford-to-give-you-more-discounts” exasperation when your back is against the wall! The way Google

Google Reduces Pricing & Introduces Preemptible VMs

Today, Google announced further reduction in their Cloud service offerings through this blog posting. Google is simply staying true to the economics of computing and have reduced the pricing of their cloud services to upto 30% to reflect the reduction in pricing of the underlying hardware. Additionally, the introduction of the Google Compute Engine Preemptible
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