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As Social Media tools like Twitter becomes the new means of communication, with it, millions of people express anything and everything within the 140-character constraint.

This brings the dawn of a new age of Big Data analytics – An age where Big Data technologies can churn through TONS of Twitter expressions and communications, and glean sentiments, trends and thoughts of the masses.

One example of a milestone event for the Social Media world was the 2012 London Summer Olympics. This was the first Olympic event that leveraged Big Data analytics in a major way to understand every sentiment, capture every expression and demonstrate trends in real time.

This was only possible because athletes, attendees and viewers turned to social media tools like Twitter to post, share and discuss events as they unfolded. This Olympic event was appropriately named the “Information Olympics”, where mounds of statistics, news, content and conversations were instantly accessible on social (and mobile) platforms.

Third Eye harnessed a live stream of Olympic-themed Tweets, and then explored the datasets with Power View in the Excel 2013 Preview. We captured unstructured Twitter data, analyzed it in SQL Server 2012 and produced some interesting initial insights and visualizations with Power View.


Microsoft BI - Olympics Flowchart Chart - Top 10 Countries with Most Tweets Chart - Sentiment Analysis - By the Day Chart - Tweets Over Time Tweet Volume By Country & Sport - Gymnastics Tweet Volume By Country



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