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As data becomes more and more prevalent in the enterprise, a common challenge our customers are encountering is how to best make sense of this data. A common buzzword and trend many businesses are seeing is referred to as “Big Data”.

This concept refers to datasets that become so large and awkward to work with that traditional business intelligence tools of the past struggled to provide the data in a meaningful way.

One such common dataset is the aggregation and analysis of data coming from online retail. As more companies try to gain a competitive edge and understand customers better, the desire to provide business insights into this data becomes much greater.

The online retail market has seen phenomenal growth in recent years, which is not going to abate in the next couple of decades. Forrester Research predicts that U.S. online retail sales would hit $370 Billion by 2017.

More & more Americans are planning to shop online than go down to their neighborhood mall. This phenomenal growth brings in its challenges for online marketers. They now need sophisticated technologies to compete and stay ahead of the competition.

Third Eye’s Online Retail Analytics solutions solve common problems of aggregating and analyzing online transactions, and interactions data using Hadoop technologies, to gain insights on customer behavior and product acceptance in the market.

Third Eye’s Online Retail Analytics solutions can help online marketers to compete effectively by better understanding the customers they serve.

Some of the metrics available in the solution are:

User Analytics

  • # of Unique Site Visitors, per hour, per day
  • # of Return Site Visitors, per hour, per day
  • Total # of Site Visitors, per hour, per day
  • Top 10 Active Users per hour, per day

Product Anlaytics

  • Top 10 Popular Products per hour, per day
  • Top 10 popular Products in Shopping Basket per hour, per day
  • Top 10 Bought Products per hour, per day

Conversion Analytics

  • # of users who added products to shopping basket per hour, per day
  • # of users who actually bought products per hour, per day
  • % of users who browsed, added products to shopping cart & actually bought per hour, per day.

There is no-size-that-fits-all solution when it comes to online retail analytics.

Third Eye will develop customized solutions for our customers based on their exact business needs and goals. 

By leveraging the solutions package as the base for the customized solution, the cost of development is dramatically lower while maintaining highest quality.


Online Retail Data Analytics            Online Retail Data Analytics


Demo of Hadoop based Online Retail Analytics Developed on Windows HDInsights


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