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More and more multinational companies are launching & marketing their products online. They develop comprehensive online marketing campaigns for their new and/or existing product(s).

The plan usually typically is to develop an all-inclusive online advertising plan that will result in an exceptional ROI.  This campaign is also aimed at creating broad product awareness.

For broad marketing purposes, these companies place online ads in a variety of web properties (sites) and purchase a number of ad impressions (Cost Per Impression component). The campaigns usually have a targeted component, which measures the actions of customers who are likely to purchase their products from their web site(s) (Cost Per Conversion component).

The goal of Third Eye’s Online Advertisement Solutions is to maximize the number of products purchased through our customer’s web site(s).

In order to maximize the ROI, we perform the following analysis on the data:

  • User Analytics
  • Ad Performance Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics


Apache Mahout based Machine Learning – Logistic Regression Algorithm
Apache Mahout based Machine Learning – Logistic Regression Algorithm


Short lived Ads for Users : Site, Advertiser Level
Short lived Ads for Users : Site, Advertiser Level


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