Human Actions Analytics


For the first time in mankind, thanks for the Internet and the burgeoning world of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, we have a system where every human actions, emotions, conversations are recorded in a social context. We now know who said what about what with whom, where and why.

And therein lies the power. The power to understand humans by machines.

This power can be used by businesses & individuals alike in every aspects of business, professional and individual lives – to analyze sentiments, predict social outcomes, target advertisements, understand weather patterns – you name it!

Third Eye has developed deep expertise in some of these areas, loosely called as “Human Actions Analytics”.
Third Eye leverages both open source and commercial technologies to perform these analytics in a cost effective manner while delivering deep insights about human actions.


Third Eye’s Online Retail Analytics solutions solve common scenarios of aggregating and analyzing online transactions and interactions data using Hadoop technologies to gain insights on customer behavior and product acceptance in the market.

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Third Eye’s Social Media Analytics solutions leverages Big Data technologies to churn through all human expressions and communications from the social media to glean sentiments, trends and thoughts of the masses.

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The goal of Third Eye’s Online Advertisement Solutions is to maximize the number of products purchased through our customer’s web site/s. In order to maximize the ROI, we perform the following analysis on the data.

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