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We work closely with our customers to implement Big Data infrastructures that leverage, and extend our customer’s current IT infrastructure with the best possible total cost ownership.

Big Data technologies are a great medley of open-source and commercial technologies. Unfortunately, there is no one- size-that-fits-all solution for every business.

Every business needs specific solutions that are custom built for their existing environment. Your business needs a specific solution.

Implementing Big Data infrastructures is daunting for many reasons:

  • Challenges ranging from technical versions mis-match issues
  • Cultural challenges arising from mis-understandings
  • Lack of specific knowledge.

And the list goes on and on.

We don’t just give you our input. We partner with your IT staff, spend time & effort to study & analyze their environments, so we can in turn understand them inside-out and locate their exact business needs.

We then use this knowledge to implement Big Data infrastructures that leverages & extends their current IT infrastructures, with the lowest possible total cost ownership.

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This presentation demonstrates how Third Eye developed Map Reduce code using JacaScript on the Windows HD Insights platform.

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