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Google Reduces Pricing & Introduces Preemptible VMs

Today, Google announced further reduction in their Cloud service offerings through this blog posting. Google is simply staying true to the economics of computing and have reduced the pricing of their cloud services to upto 30% to reflect the reduction in pricing of the underlying hardware. Additionally, the introduction of the Google Compute Engine Preemptible

Comparative Analysis of Big Data Analytical Tools – Hive, Tez, Impala, SparkSQL, PrestoDB, Drill & BigQuery – on Google Cloud Platform

BACK DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND.NOW ADDED COMPARISIONS WITH APACHE DRILL!  Big Data analytics is the answer for businesses to glean insights from data to take timely actions. Businesses now have a plethora of technologies at their disposal to perform such Big Data analytics. This webinar performs a comparative analysis of the various Big Data analytical

Connected Cars: Driving Us to a Better Us – Dj Das Presenting

The In-Memory Computing Summit 2015 is the first and only industry-wide event of its kind, tailored to in-memory computing-related technologies and solutions. It is the perfect opportunity to reach technical IT decision makers as well as IT implementers and developers who make or influence purchasing decisions in the areas of in-memory computing, Fast Data, IoT

Driving Humankind Towards Greener Pastures – Dj Das Speaks

This meetup is being held in partnership with the EcoGreen Group of Silicon Valley. ————————————————————————–The advent of motor vehicles ushered in a new wave of productivity for humankind. It created economics of scale never or known seen before. Unfortunately, it also silently started to hurt the very environment that we live in. Increasing carbon emissions

Global Predictive Analytics Conference – Dj Das Presenting

Global Big Data Conference‘s vendor agnostic Global Predictive Analytics Conference will be held on May 4th & May 5th, 2015 for all industry verticals. The Conference allows practitioners to discuss data management through effective use of data analytics. Large amount of data created by various mobile platforms, social media interactions, ecommerce transactions, and IoT provide
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