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How to Debug Map-Reduce Code

It All Starts with HDFS Everything in Hadoop cluster is based on the HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System). Quite often HDFS problems will manifest themselves in various components of Hadoop framework.  This might show up as an intermittent failure, permission issue, failure to write, or failure to retrieve data blocks, etc.  Sometimes the root cause

Taking the “Oops” out of Hadoop – Monthly Meetup

  Register for the meetup Hadoop has become the very backbone of enterprises working on Big Data. But as Hadoop becomes a critical component of every enterprise’s Big Data needs, its complexity to implement, maintain and develop has increased substantially.  Such intricacies create a lot of productivity killers for developers and DevOps personnel. This meetup will

AbsolutData Introduces First ‘Decision Engineering’ Product – Navik Converter

Absolutdata recently launched released the NAVIK Converter, a product that helps Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies turn free and trial users into paid subscribers. NAVIK Converter identifies users who are primed for conversion and recommends how and when to target them with marketing messages and/or product changes. This world class Big Data analytical product leverages the latest
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