Online Retail Analytics

Hadoop based Online Retail Analytics Developed on Windows HDInsights.

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This demo will walk through scenarios of aggregating and analyzing online transactions and interactions data, using Hadoop technologies on the Microsoft stack to gain insights on customer behavior and product acceptance.

Online retail is a fiercely competitive market where every retailer is trying to gain a competitive edge by understanding their customers better and analyzing their buying patterns, likes & dislikes. Such knowledge would greatly help them to target & serve their customers better, thereby increasing their sales revenues. Big Data analytics is the answer for online retailer’s need to glean such business insights from their customer data.

This demo showcases how online retailers can maximize sales of online retail commerce sites using Site User Analytics, Ad Performance Analytics & Predictive Analytics using Big Data & Hadoop technologies on Microsoft’s Azure Platform.


Online Retail

Technologies Used

Apache Hadoop  Hadoop MapReduce  Apache Pig Apache HiveWindows AzureHortonworks

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