Hadoop on Demand


Hadoop comes at a price.
While the source code is for free; setting, configuring, maintaining, supporting and running it in production environment certainly has a price.

When it comes to setting, configuring, running and managing Hadoop clusters, we are “been there, done that”.  
We quickly realized that this job was not easy, especially for those who want to do “just some stuff” on Hadoop and not really bother about all the administration & configuration that is required for getting it all together. We have noticed that even a simple mis-configuration can prevent subsystems from not working together. True that the blogosphere is filled with plenty of documentation, discussion, FAQs, notes, and source code to read but nothing beats the experience of doing it.

It can take days to get it right, because multiple, loosely-coordinated projects have so many installation options, that documentation is necessarily general.

Therefore, Third Eye has developed the Hadoop-on-demand service named ClustersTogo which offers fully installed, configured and ready to use Hadoop systems on demand, at the flick of a credit card. No software to install, no browser plugins. It is like being given the keys to your own Hadoop datacenter.

The ClustersTogo service was designed to help you get going with your Hadoop requirements with minimum efforts from your ends. We make it simple for you so that you can focus on what you really wanted to get out of Hadoop. We provision Hadoop clusters for you as per your requirements, ensure that they are fully tested and functional before we deliver them to you, load data onto the Hadoop clusters as per your requests and provide exceptional support. We keep it all very simple and easy for you, with simple per hour pricing.

You can focus on your Hadoop needs, while we take care of the rest!

LIVE SITE – Click here


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