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Big Data Cloud is a not-for-profit organization for evangelizing & educating around Big Data & Cloud technologies. It curates Big Data Blogs; provides Big Data Training; lists Big Data Jobs & announces Big Data Annual Events & Monthly Meetups. It has 3400+ members who attend its monthly meetups and annual events. 

Big Data Cloud was founded in May 2011 as an evangelism arm of Third Eye Consulting Services & Solutions. But given its popularity and rapid growth, Third Eye floated it off as separate not-for-profit entity in Jan 2013.
It is currently funded, managed and operated by  Third Eye Consulting Services & Solutions.


NOV 7 2013– GOOGLE

Big Data in the Cloud – Google’s Vision, Industry Support & Use Cases

NOV 6 2013 – DELL

Big Data Use Cases – Search, Discovery & Performance Optimizations


Big Data Analytics for Video – Real time responses & ad hoc analytics

AUG 21 2013 – C3ENERGY

Big Data Analytics for the Energy Industry


Big Data Cloud Today! Event – Get Real about Big Data

JAN 29 2013 – VOLTDB

Mike Stonebraker Live! The Big Data Cloud community heard insights from Michael Stonebraker on Big Data Trends and Technologies.

Watch the video of Michael’s Big Talk interview.


Big Data Cloud’s Main site

Big Data Cloud Today! –  Annual Events site

Big Data Cloud – Monthly Meetups site


How can I join the Big Data Cloud meetup group?”

Please sign up here.


How often are these Big Data Cloud events & meetups organized ?

The monthly meetups are held atleast one a month and the whole day event is held once a year.

Can we sponsor BigDataCloud meetups or events?

Yes, you can. But we do not support any sales, marketing or product pitches. Contact us for the details.

Where can I find listing of all previous Big Data Cloud meetups?

Click here to see the calendar of meetups.

Why Blogs?

There are blogs and there are blogs! So, why add another one to the blogosphere? Well, we felt (and we don’t think we are alone with this feeling – but please feel free to tell us if you do think so!) that it’s time that there should be a blog wholly dedicated to all things around “Big Data” & “Cloud Computing”. We developed this blog to help, educate and de-mystify these technologies to businesses, professionals and individuals. Why the blogs?Thank you for visiting us! You are also welcome to join us in these efforts!

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