Data has the ability to provide answers. Third Eye answers your data questions.

As a Silicon Valley based one-stop-shop for Data Engineering and Data Science services, Third Eye offers insights, expertise and recommendations. While you focus on your clients and industry demands, Third Eye provides the Big Data piece-of-the-puzzle to take your business to the next level.


  • Eyera

    Solutions for Internet of Things

    Eyera is a complete IoT solution that is customizable to any business use case. Provides scale, security, and reliability for IoT projects. Comes with two pre-packaged solutions for Connected Cars & Fleet Analytics use cases.

  • Safera

    Safe Era for Businesses & Communities

    Safera is a crime analysis & predictions system that businesses and law enforcement agencies can rely on to detect, analyze and predict crime, fraud before it happens. Makes it easy & cost effective to integrate, assemble and develop customized end-to-end solutions.

  • Syra

    Cloud based ETL Tool

    Syra is industry’s first ETL tool for Big Data, built ground up for the cloud. Ingests, validates, migrates and transforms data as it moves over the pipeline.

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